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Welcome to the Gibraltar Botanic Gardens

The Alameda Gardens were founded in 1816 at the initiative of the Governor, General George Don in order to provide an area for recreation for the residents of Gibraltar.  For many years they served this purpose but in the 1970s they fell into a state of disrepair. The Gibraltar Botanic Gardens project began in June 1991 when the Government of Gibraltar contracted a firm of environmental managers, Wildlife (Gibraltar), to restore the gardens and convert them into a botanic garden.

The Gardens therefore aim to: restore the aesthetic beauty and interest of the Alameda for the benefit of visitors to the gardens establish a living collection representative of Gibraltar and its hinterland;  display a collection of plants from Mediterranean climatic zones around the world;  contribute towards the conservation of the flora of Gibraltar and its hinterland;  establish a collection of succulents from around the world; contribute towards the dissemination of information about plants, their economic value and  their conservation by means of an active educational programme.

Visit by the Earl & Countess of Wessex                       Photo:  Courtesy New People


Facts about the Gardens

Geographical Location:
Latitude: 36 7' N
Longitude: 5 21' W
Altitude: 35m to 60m
Area: 6 ha

Mean annual temperature: 18.2°C
Mean temperature of coldest month: 13.4°C (Jan)
Mean temperature of warmest month: 24.2°C (Aug)
Mean yearly minimum temperature: 14.9°C
Mean yearly maximum temperature: 21.4°C
Mean annual rainfall: 768mm

Geology: Red sandy windblown soil on Jurassic limestone.

Opening hours: 8am to 9pm or sunset if earlier.


Director: Dr Keith Bensusan

Contact Details:
The Alameda, Red Sands Road, PO Box 843. Gibraltar

Director + 350 20072639
Administration/Reception +350 20041235

Accounts +350 20064537

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Visit by

Earl & Countess of Wessex

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